Harold’s Cross Road

A new development by Anthony Neville Homes

Planning permission

Planning permission has been received to progress with the construction of the mixed use development consisting of 67 apartments and a ground floor retail unit fronting Harold’s Cross Road. There will be a ramped vehicular access from Harold’s Cross Road into the basement, which will accommodate car parking, bicycle parking, refuse stores and plant rooms. The external areas will receive boundary treatments and are to be landscaped.

We will issue monthly updates on this page which will inform local residents and interested parties of the progress of the project and upcoming works in the next period.


Our expected programme for the project and key activity start dates are :

  • Demolition of the existing buildings – Dec 19

There will be limited activity following the completion of the demolition until Feb 2020

  • Piling for the basement – March 20
  • Bulk dig of the basement – May 20
  • Basement & Superstructure – July 20
  • External façade – Jan 21
  • Apartment Fit out – March 21
  • Completion – Dec 21

Access to the site

While the demolition and enabling works are being done, access for lorries onto site will be via Fitzpatrick Lane and Gate 1. We expect this to be approximately 3 lorries per day. We will permit Workers vehicles to park on site during this period, which should be no more than about 4 vehicles. Following the completion of the piling works, no workers will be permitted to park on the site.

Once piling commences, access onto the site will be via a gate to the north of the site directly off Harold’s Cross Road Gate 2. This access will remain throughout the project, but deliveries to this gate will stop once the basement is constructed. Deliveries will then revert back to Fitzpatricks Lane. Deliveries in the lane will be managed, ensuring no vehicles park or stack up in the lane and move onto the site. Deliveries will be restricted to Rigid body lorries. No Articulated delivery trucks will be permitted.

We will be encouraging workers to use public transport and cycling to get to work.

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Timber hoarding is erected to the frontage on Harold’s Cross Road. Heras fencing with debris netting will be fixed to the boundary wall adjacent to Fitzpatrick Cottages and the west boundary, to minimize any reduction in natural lighting. Netwatch Camera Security will be placed around the perimeter of the site on the hoarding line with audible alarms issued to any intruders.
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Working hours

The site will be open and operational during the following hours:

  • Weekdays – 07h00 to 18h00
  • Saturdays – 08h00 to 14h00

Works in Dec 2019 - Jan 2020

The existing partially demolished Rosie O’ Grady’s Pub and adjacent buildings will be demolished in the next few weeks. Demolished materials will be recycled wherever possible. Material will be taken off site in skips, expected to be one to two skips a day for a two week period. The blocks and concrete rubble will be crushed on site for re-use as a piling mat.

Preparatory works for the diversion of the stormwater culvert crossing the site will start in January 20.


Please contact the following should you have any queries or complaints

John Nicol

Snr Contracts Manager

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